Season 1

1x01 - A Star is Born; Who Took the Teddifesto

1x02 - Quest for the Holly Bear; Bears Away

1x03 - Take It Away Ben; Auctioning Edgar

1x04 - Fuzz and Buzz; Game Over

1x05 - Green-Eyed Monster; List Minute Leader

1x06 - Cargo Cat; Perfect Match

1x07 - Lights, Camera, Caught; Over The Volcano

1x08 - Happy Campers; Teddy Picnic

1x09 - Maxwell's Dilemma; Abominable Bear

1x10 - Ooey Gooey; Wrong Howie

1x11 - Best Friends; Harry Hamster

1x12 - Driving Miss Hilda Crazy; One Stormy Night

1x13 - Cracking Up; Trouble for Toots

Season 2

2x01 - The Big Scare; Raymond's Frisky Friend

2x02 - Teddy Tech; Badminton Bet

2x03 - Outbreak; Triple Trouble

2x04 - General Alarm; Bouncing Bertie

2x05 - Clean Up Kid; Lucky Raymond

2x06 - Finding Felix; Froth Fright

2x07 - Canine Chaos; There and Back

2x08 - Edgar's Tale; Deep Secret

2x09 - The General's Kid; Just Like Ben

2x10 - Teddy Splat Spat; Close the Door Ben

2x11 - Teddy Trails; Yo Ho Ho

2x12 - Ben Between; Teddy Training

2x13 - Happy Birthday Mrs. P; Top Teddy

Season 3

3x01 - Lister Says; Sweet 'n Sour

3x02 - Fitting In; Itch To Switch

3x03 - Teddy Tango; Sebastian Calling

3x04 - Edgar's Letter; Room at the Top

3x05 - The Raymond Reaction; Big Bear

3x06 - Fixing Freddy; Bad Hair Daze

3x07 - Lister's Mistake; Teddy Return

3x08 - Teddy Kite Flight; Hand Me Down Bear

3x09 - Rocket Teddy; Teddy Tracker

3x10 - Saving Sebastian; Tuff Love

3x11 - Following Finnegan; Raymond's Place

3x12 - Zowie Howie; Grow Seed Grow

3x13 - Tunnel Trouble; Teddy Overdrill

Season 4

4x01 - Teddy Time; Lonesome at the Top

4x02 - House Bound Bear; Howie Power

4x03 - Teddy Flip Flop; Proudly Purple

4x04 - Ben's Decision; The General's Bath

4x05 - Teddy Slow Down; Going Home

4x06 - Ben's Nose Knows; A Tickle Too Far

4x07 - Helping Happy; Fishy Friendship

4x08 - Blip Blork; Finders Keepers

4x09 - A Teddy's Dream; Ben's Day Off

4x10 - Teddy Trick; Sebastian's Chance

4x11 - Freddie's First Snow; The Perfect Gift

4x12 - Sebastian the King; The Trouble with Toots

4x13 - Too Much Champ Happy's Big Day